Monday, August 11, 2008

Encrypted File 102354

by tirabarook

Journal 18-3
August 8, 2453 a.d (Earth time)


I'm lost in space, in this silent yet annoying universe and I smell really bad. It’s been 3 days since I have taken a bath. All these stars i'm seeing, seems to be laughing at me, laughing at my misfortunes. I was supposed to help my planet from those scumbags, but now i'm lost in nothingness.

I am a complete failure. I was supposed to drop a hydragonite bomb to destroy that planet of Eonix. But as I was to enter their gravitational field, 5 fighter jets tried to disable me. One got lucky, and now i'm lost with little amount of food. What’s the use of my 7 years in applied physics and aeronautics, if I cant even able to dodge those scumbags? I guess they're just better species.

I miss my family... this invasion on my planet that's been going for 4 years now; I just hope it ends soon.

Journal 18-4
September 7, 2453 a.d (Earth time)

I’m seeing this great white horizon across this dark universe. For centuries, scientist believe that the universe is infinite, that it's continuously expanding... well I guess I prove them wrong.

It may take me one more earth week to get to that white horizon.

Journal 18-5
September 16, 2453 a.d (Earth time)

Its more than an earth week now, and the white horizon is getting bigger and bigger. Here, on my cockpit, the view is all white, I don’t know if I’m just getting crazier or I’m going to be blind, or this is the great white light most of those 'near-death experience people' are talking about... or probably this is just really the end of the universe.

I don’t know. Shit

If that white light is indeed the end, please make it soon, can’t take this hunger anymore.

Journal 18-6
September 17, 2453 a.d (Earth time)

I’m so stunned to where am I right nowwwww//||@@||\\ = FILE ERROR======================

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